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DVA Baseline Report

This DV Act 2010 Rapid Assessment Survey (RAS) is an evaluation conducted to assess current knowledge levels, attitudes and perceptions around the DV Act 2010. The RAS was conducted primarily among the duty bearers identified in the Act including police officers, healthcare workers, the Local Council officials (LCs) and the Community Activists (CAs). The survey adopted both qualitative and qualitative data collection approaches. Quantitative information was obtained from the duty bearers, while qualitative information was generated from individuals holding key positions among the duty bearers. The survey was conducted in ten communities administratively coded as sub-counties/divisions selected from some of the CEDOVIP intervention communities.

The survey also assessed existing knowledge, attitudes and perceptions around violence against women (VAW) with particular focus on assessing attitudes towards general acceptance of VAW and types of domestic violence i.e. physical, emotional, economic and sexual violence as well as community attitude towards men's use of power over women. The baseline findings are expected to inform the intervention design and follow-up evaluation to determine the effectiveness of CEDOVIP's intervention.