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2005 CEDOVIP Annual Report

CEDOVIP is a local NGO that has implemented acommunity-based domestic violence prevention projectin Kawempe Division since 2000. CEDOVIP’sprograms, based on an award winning program toolMobilizing Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence: AResource Guide for Organizations in East and Southern Africa(Raising Voices 2003), demonstrate an effective holisticapproach to violence prevention. CEDOVIP hasreceived national and international acclaim for the projectin Kawempe Division by being cited as good practiceby USAID, WHO and Women and Cities International.From 2000 - 2002 it operated as the Domestic ViolencePrevention Project and in 2003, due to the strength andsuccesses of the project, it became an independentorganization known as the Center for Domestic ViolencePrevention (CEDOVIP).