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14 Nov 2018 - 20 Dec 2018
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10 Dec 2018 - 21 Dec 2018
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14 Dec 2018 - 13 Dec 2018
Drama Performances on VAW/G Sebina Zone Makerere III –Kampala
18 Dec 2018 - 17 Dec 2018


By: Emma Chinn (CEDOVIP Intern)
CEDOVIP launched its work with Institutions of higher learning specifically in Makerere and Kyambogo Universities with the aim of creating an enabling environment to prevent VAW/G among young people in higher institutions of learning and in the communities
 Initially, CEDOVIP undertook an asset mapping that uncovered that sexual harassment is a huge issue impacting young women in the Makerere University community. Asset mappingand conversations with students and staff showed that sexual harassment is incredibly prevalent on the University campus, despite the fear and stigma surrounding discussing the situation.
The University’s response to this critical issue has been virtually non-existent, as the current sexual harassment policy is, for the most part, unknown to the public and not being effectively implemented. Furthermore, the resources meant to be in place for handling survivors of sexual harassment, assault and rape were found to be greatly failing. 
Almost all University Committees that were supposed to have been organized, as per the 2006 Sexual Harassment Policy, to manage sexual harassment cases were nonexistent. Worse still, it is alleged that the only Committee that was ever organized, had some members who were suspected to be sexual harassers.

Women rights activists under the Domestic violence act Coalition coordinated by CEDOVIP and women members of Parliament under UWOPA launched their 16 days campaign 2017 with a press conference at the Parliamentary lounge where they demanded for accountable male involvement in programs to address gender inequality.

In the press statement read by the Chairperson UWOPA and woman Representative Kumi district, Hon. Monica Amoding noted that the national theme focused on the role of men in ending violence against women and girls and noted that involving men and boys as partners to achieve women’s empowerment and gender equality is an important component in violence against women and girls prevention. She however emphasized that critical concerns have developed about the lack of accountability to women and girls among this body of work.

“Accountability to women and girls at every level of male involvement efforts is critical to ethical and effective violence against women and girls programming and to securing women and girls’ full and equal rights. Without accountability, the danger that men are in charge persists; in this case, of women’s rights and well-being, which further undermines women and girls’ agency, voice and leadership, thereby reproducing the very inequality that violence against women and girls work is attempting to shift”.

The Italian Deputy Ambassador to Uganda H.E Lorenza Gambacorta who officiated at the CEDOVIP-Kyambogo University dialogue under the theme: “Every girl counts, what actions will you take to keep girls in school” aimed at;
i) Raising awareness on violence that young women and girls experience in and around the University.
ii) Inspire the University and Banda community members to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls at the University by making commitments of keeping girls in school.
She pledged her commitment and support to campaigns and programs to end violence against women and girls in Uganda. Her pledge came during the 16 days public dialogue organized by CEDOVIP with support from Oxfam p and 14th Guild Council of Kyambogo University at Banda Community. The