Center for Domestic Violence Prevention

Upcoming Activities

Community Activists Bi-monthly trainings
12 Feb 2019 - 25 Feb 2019


Communities have a strong oral storytelling tradition. People like to learn about themselves and their lives through stories/drama skits. CEDOVIP works with over twelve community – based drama troupes to provoke inspire and motivate community members to balance power in their relationships and create violent free communities.

Leaders play significant role in preventing and responding to VAW/G and its connection to HIV/AIDS. CEDOVIP works with over 70 community leaders to facilitate their personal awareness on VAW/G, start talking about power, VAW/G and HIV/AIDS with their families, friends and neighbors and to exercise their mandate in the Domestic Violence Act 2010 to ensure justice to VAW survivors and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

CEDOVIP, UN Women and the Child and Family Protection Department of the Uganda Police Force conducted training for top level managers of the Uganda Police Force. The training that was held at Jinja Source of the Nile Hotel was aimed at strengthening the officers' understanding of VAW as a human rights violation and at the end of the training; a 7 man committee was set up to come up with a concrete work plan on actions that Uganda Police will undertake to improve services for VAW survivors.