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Senior CDO of Namutumba town council and a CA from Kitengefacilitating a community dialogue about preventing VAW/G in Matyama Community Development officers in Busoga under the Government of Uganda Irish aid joint program to address GBV continue to play a very important role of mobilizing communities to prevent violence against women and girls in their communities through conducting activities that inspire women and men to take individual and collective actions to prevent violence against women and girls with in their neighborhoods and communities.

women activists condemn the release of UPDF officer who killed his wife and two others women activists condemn the release of UPDF officer who killed his wife and two others
The Domestic Violence Act coalition held a press conference to condemn the unjustifiable release of UPDF soldier Lance corporal Herbert Rwakihembo by the army’s court of appeal.

Rwakihembo was accused of shooting dead 3 people in Luzira after he returned from Somalia including his Irene Namuyaba and two others; Royce Kawendeke, Nnalongo Zaina Nassolo by shooting in a gruesome murder in Luzira a Kampala suburb.
He had been sentenced to 35 years in jail by the division army court that sat in Luzira in January 2013 before the court of appeal over turned the sentence on 13th February, 2015 on grounds that he acted in the heat of passion after provocation. The ruling by the appellant courts to reduce his sentence from 35 years, to 15 years and then 3 years leading to his subsequent release.

CEDOVIP supports referral centres in kampalaDuring the 1stquarter, CEDOVIP conducted 11 visits referral centers to strengthen relationships with the network members and to get deepened understanding of the services provided.

Through the visits, CEDOVIP learnt about the services provided, focal persons i.e. persons that directly handle survivors, physical location of referral centers and eligibility criteria for accessing services to domestic violence survivors. See the attached referral directory for your use.