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CEDOVIP formalizes working relationship with Directorate of Public Prosecutions;CEDOVIP formalized the partnership with the Directorate of Public Prosecution under the leadership of His Lordship Justice Mike Chibita in response to violence against women and girls (VAW/G) prevention and response.

This saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions among other things to;

CEDOVIP and its partner Raising Voices have Published a popular report of the findings from the SASA! Study: a cluster randomized controlled trial to assess the impact of a community mobilization intervention to prevent violence against women and reduce HIV risk in Kampala, Uganda

The report named “Is violence against women preventable?’ Findings from the SASA!
Study summarized for general audiences. The publication that will be disseminated starting February 2016 aims at offering the findings in a simpler version for general audiences.

Violence limits women role in politics - activistsKampala. Escalating cases of domestic violence during the political season are hindering women’s participation in the democratic process and becoming costly to families and country, activists said yesterday.

Women activists, under their local charity, the Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP), warned partners against violent acts resulting from divergent political views that couples hold ahead of the 2016 general election, arguing that it is an indication of gender inequality and social injustice.

“Cases of domestic violence usually escalate as a result of elections where one partner supports a different candidate or party from their loved ones. This has sparked off fights and separations and increases vulnerability to economic development in a family,” said Ms Diana Kagere Mugerwa, the programme officer in charge of national advocacy at CEDOVIP.