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On 10th December, 2014 CEDOVIP received an award from Action Aid as recognition of CEDOVIP's work to prevent VAW. Similarly in the Lancet journal profiled Tina Musuya the Executive Director and CEDOVIP for taking the lead to prevent VAW in Uganda. Thanks Action AID for recognizing CEDOVIP's efforts.

National Launch of 16 days of Activism Global Campaign against GBV
On 25th November 2014, MGLSG popularized a pull up banner for consistency advocacy regarding DVA implementation DVA and as the opportunity to remind policy makers to allocate funds to DVA in order to address needs of survivors of sexual Violence.

CEDOVIP's 16 days of Activism Global campaign against GBV, called on community members, men, women, civil society, judicial officers, policy makers, local government officials, legislators, the media, police and health institution to help the public understand the intersection between Violence against women and Health. This annual campaign focused On Violence against Women:

The Silent Epidemic. Is your voice being heard?,With intense activities and conversations that created demand for nonviolence relationships, individuals raised their voices in unison, thus breaking the silence and the injustice that is violence against women.