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Supreme Court declares refund of bride price unconstitutionalThe Supreme Court has ruled that the refund of bride price by the woman’s parents or relatives upon a failed marriage is unconstitutional.

But the same court declined to declare that practice of demanding for payment of bride-price as a precondition for customary marriage as unconstitutional. This means that paying of bride price by the boy’s side to the parents of the girl is to continue.

 In a majority judgment of 6:1, Justice Jotham Tumwesigye who wrote the lead judgment observed that it’s unfair to demand a refund of bride price from the woman’s parents after years of marriage.

The judge added that it’s not likely that the parents of the woman would be keeping the property ready to refund.

Christine Alalo with the Director for Special Duties Mr. Sorowen at the launch of the DV Act stickers in July 2014 at Jinja Road Police Station.Ms. Christine Alalo head of the Child and Family Protection Department of the Uganda Police Force takes up a new assignment in Somalia as Deputy Police Commissioner AMISSON. For the 5 years that Christine worked as the head of the Child and Family Protection Department, CEDOVIP enjoyed a fruitful partnership which resulted in key tangible achievements particularly with the work on the proposed GBV directorate, police training curriculum and strengthening the capacity of Police officers in handling GBV cases. Infact her out standing commitment and achievements at the Department earned her an award from the European Union’s Human rights Defenders Award in 2014.

We are sure that she will excel in her new assignment and wish her all the best!.

Hon Mukasa receives The Economic cost of Domestic Violence Report and copies of the translated version of the DV Act 2010 from Mr. George Olinga from Baha’i Faith and Former CEDOVIP Board ChairmanThe Assistant Commissioner for Gender in the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, Madam Maggie Kyomukama has confirmed to the Domestic Violence Coalition that the National GBV policy will be passed by the end of the year 2015!

This was during a meeting between the Domestic Violence Act Coalition members led by CEDOVIP with the Honorable Minister for Gender, Labor and Social development, Hon. Wilson Muluri Mukasa at his office to draw his attention to the pending processes for the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act (DVA).

The Coalition during its submissions before the minister noted that despite the existence of the law, there are constraints and limitations that continue to hinder effective implementation of the DV Act including;

  •  Limited access to copies of the Domestic Violence Act by the law enforcers such as the police, Local councils and judicial officers.
  •  Domestic violence is still tolerated and it remains the highest reported crime according to the 2013 Annual Police Crime report (3426 DV cases, 9598 cases of defilement resulting into 360 deaths).
  •  Domestic violence continues to have a huge economic on social impact on the economy. (Uganda loses 77 billion shillings annually dealing with domestic violence.