Center for Domestic Violence Prevention

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Community Activists Bi-monthly trainings
12 Feb 2019 - 25 Feb 2019


CEDOVIP hosts ministers from United Kingdom and Ireland for firsthand experience of SASA IN ACTION!On July 3, 2017, CEDOVIP hosted the DFID Country Director, Jennie Baryl and the Irish AID Secretary General Niall Burgess to Nsiike II zone, Ndeeba parish, Rubaga division division the former SASA! study control communities in Kampala where CEDOVIP is replicating SASA!. On arrival, they were welcomed by the CEDOVIP team and the community activists. Some of the activists had a chance to share their stories of change and what motivated them to join the activism against domestic violence in their communities. One of the activists shared that he was tired of the violence and decided that he had to do something to foster positive change in his life and other community members lives.

The team was then led to the Ludo game; one of the ways in which SASA! Engages men in a fun but focused and provocative yet respectful in very deep conversations on domestic violence and creation of violence free relationships. The men then commit on to actions that they will do to create violence free relationships in their lives and their peers lives such as: respecting the women in their lives by making decisions together and being transparent about their income, informing their spouses about their property such as land leaving them capable of defending it and using it for the family after their passing.

On June 15, 2017, members of the Domestic Violence Act Coalition (DVAC) in partnership with Uganda Women’s Parliamentarians held a press conference at Parliamentary Lounge petitioning the government on the lack of justice for women and girls experiencing violence.

The petition codenames “Not another woman!” attracted members of the media, civil society and Members of Parliament. Their action followed disturbing revelations of the impunity on violence against women and girls cases within the justice system, prompting the coalition to demand for the rectification of the situation by government.

Ms. Christine Lagarde was hosted by CEDOVIP as part of her three day visit to Uganda. Ms. Lagarde is the 11th Managing Director of the IMF and the first woman to hold this position.

During the CEDOVIP event Ms. Lagarde held a private meeting with survivors of Violence against women before meeting with CEDOVIP Board Chairperson Dr. Hilda Tadria, Executive Director, Tina Musuya and all staff of CEDOVIP.

In her speech, Ms. Lagarde paid tribute to the zeal that the women have shown in demanding for their rights and dignity.