Center for Domestic Violence Prevention


CEDOVIP 16 DAYS OF  ACTIVISM CAMPAIGN 2016 THEME: Break the Silence, Break the Barriers! How Will You Make Education Safe for Girls?

16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM CAMPAIGN , The 16 Days of Activism, is an international campaign against violence against women, unites organizations and individuals across the world from November 25 through December 10 annually in raising awareness, strengthening networks and developing effective strategies to prevent violence and promote women’s rights. It is an intensive time when women, activists against violence women and NGOs promoting women’s rights widely engage in local, national and international awareness campaign and policy advocacy against violence against women. The 16-day period highlights significant human rights days during the period:


The 16-day period highlights significant human rights days during the period:

  1. 25th November: International Day for the Elimination of All Forms Of Violence Against Women

  2. 29th November: International Women Human Rights Defender Day

  3. 1st December: World AIDS Day

  4. 3rd December: International Day of Disabled Persons

  5. 6th December: Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre

  6. 10th December: International Human Rights Day

The Global Theme for this year is "From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education safe for All! Basing on the global and regional theme, this year CEDOVIP will focus on making education safe for all, specifically girls and young women, by highlighting structural discrimination of women and girls throughout the education system right from the home, community, and the school setting including government policy that impacts girls experience at school. The campaign will explore how discrimination and other experiences in the education system lead to girls and women’s experience of violence.

Date Activity/ (ies) Time location Responsible person
  6th. Oct 2016   Staff joint planning meeting for 16 days campaign   9:00am   CEDOVIP Offices   Diana
  7-20th Oct 2016   Printing of  communication Materials N/A CEDOVIP Diana
All staff
18 Oct 2016 Domestic violence Act coalition 16 days planning meeting 2:00pm Child welfare guest house Diana
  14th Oct. 2016 Court Reporters Training   8:30am–4:00pm Hotel Triangle Diana, Richard
20.10.16 Editor’s Breakfast meeting

8:00am – 10am

Metropole Hotel Diana
2nd -4th 11.2016 Trainings for student activists

8:30am -5pm

Makerere University Ann
22.11.2016 CEDOVIP Press conference to launch campaign


Parliament lounge Diana, Tina
All staff.
UWOPA secretariate
22.11.2016 Support the tabling on a motion on the floor of Parliament


Parliament of Uganda Diana
UWOPA secretariat.
28.11.2016 Community/Public event on VAW/G 9:00AM Ndeeba Olive, Paul
All staff
29. 11.2016 Community/Public event on VAW/G 9:00aM Najjanankumbi II Olive, Paul
All staff
Referral points network review meeting 8:30am -2pm Kampala


    Community/Public event on VAW/G   9:00Am   Kibuli Olive, Paul
All staff
2.12.2016 Community/Public event on VAW/G 9:00aM Wabiggalo Olive, Paul
All staff
4.12.2016 Public dialogue with University students


Banda Community Ann
6.12.2016 Community/Public event on VAW/G 9:00aM Ggaba Olive, Paul
All staff
8.12.2016 Community/Public event on VAW/G 9:00aM Busega Olive, Paul
All staff
Health chats during clinical days   Kisugu and Komambogga Ann
Teenage activists
9.12.2016 Sporting event 2:00pm Busega Olive, Paul
All staff