Center for Domestic Violence Prevention

Upcoming Activities

DCC training Makindye
20 Nov 2019 - 19 Nov 2019
DVA coalition training
20 Nov 2019 - 19 Nov 2019
Niyetu Launch Aleptong
20 Nov 2019 - 19 Nov 2019
Referral points Training
20 Nov 2019 - 19 Nov 2019


CEDOVIP creates awareness about commercial sex exploitation of children CSEC by strengthening community members knowledge about the causes of CSEC with the community activists drama group at Kabalagala, Pantaleo zone, Makindye division.

Community Activists (CAs), Local Councils (LCs), Sengas, and drama groups have been working hard to prevent Commercial Sex Exploitation of Children in Makindye. On 27th June 2019, CEDOVIP and all the CSEC teams from Makindye met for a collaboration meeting to strengthen collaboration among the different teams for effective prevention work. The meeting was also meant to strengthen the CAs understanding of the referral directory and how to make appropriate referrals for VAW/G and CSEC survivors.

The formal Justice System in Uganda is taking significant steps to enable survivors of GBV to access justice. On 20th June 2019, CEDOVIP and the Judicial Training Institute (JTI) held a high level validation meeting for the Gender-Based Violence Training Manual for Judicial Officers. Participants included Judicial Officers and other members of civil society, Development Partners and the Justice, Law, and Order sector to review the content of the training manual. The training manual is a product of an eight year-long partnership between CEDOVIP and JTI with support from UN Women.