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A man makes a contribution during a public event at Kapnorongo market, Binyiny Town Council.

The alcohol that had been brewed to celebrate her transition into womanhood was instead used to mark her funeral. Twenty years later, we are still waiting for her to wake up. She slept in visible pain. Everyone watching her undergo the ritual saw her die in helpless pain. The saddest thing was that no one dared to help. The seemingly happy mood quickly switched to gloom; Darkness descended upon the village, leaving everyone grumbling; why had she died? Was it worth it? Could it have been avoided?’

KAMPALA – The Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) and Civil Society Organization have decried the reduction in women’s efforts at workplaces blaming it on the increasing sexual harassment by fellow male workmates with calls to have the vice contained if women are to contribute to the economic development of Uganda.

CEDOVIP creates awareness about commercial sex exploitation of children CSEC by strengthening community members knowledge about the causes of CSEC with the community activists drama group at Kabalagala, Pantaleo zone, Makindye division.