Center for Domestic Violence Prevention

Core Area Three: Advocacy for Better Implementation of Existing Laws and Policies Specific to Issues of Violence Against Women and Girls, and For Passage of New, More Effective Ones

To influence policies within local and national governments so as to ensure that women and girls who experience violence are able to access justice

National advocacy for law reform and implementation

  • To influence policy makers to allocate resources for implementation of the Domestic Violence Act 2010
  • To inspire policy makers to pass responsive VAW/G laws and ensure that  resources for their implementation are allocated

Local advocacy through the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS)

CEDOVIP  work aims to  influence the civil and criminal justice system to effectively respond to and ensure victim safety and perpetrator accountability through systems coordination, by reinforcing that duty bearers play an important role in ensuring full implementation of the Domestic Violence Act(DVA) at the local level.
They are also expected to foster cooperation, coordination, and communication for effectiveness and efficiency among local councils, probation officers, division leadership, community response, development officers, judicial officers, and their respective institutions

CEDOVIP provides knowledge and skills on new laws like the DVA, so that survivors of VAW/G can access justice. We target judicial officers, judges, magistrates, prosecutors from the Director of Public Prosecution and court clerks, including those from the local courts, the Judicial Service Commission, and the Judicial Studies Institute