Center for Domestic Violence Prevention

Upcoming Activities

CSEC and DV messages will air on Radio Simba in Luganda
18 Mar 2020 - 05 Jul 2020
CSEC and DV messages will air on Radio One in English 
18 Mar 2020 - 07 Jul 2020
FGM and DV messages in Ngakarimajong will air on AKICA FM
24 Mar 2020 - 23 Aug 2020
Postponement of all activities, engagements, meetings
24 Mar 2020 - 17 Apr 2020


Asha Chemutai is a new employee of CEDOVIP, she is the assistant program officer in the district of kween working with communities of Binyiny, Moyok and Ngenge subcounties within which are the organizations coverage areas of operations and programming, she does more of training, and on-site mentoring support for both community activists and drama group members as for now but courageously hoping to engage with opinion leaders, district officials ,health care providers and the police to join knowledge, skills on how to prevent VAWG/FGM in the communities of kween.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in development studies from the Islamic University In Uganda. she did her internship training with the REACH program in Sebei sub-region handling issues of Female Genital Mutilation. Asha was one of the girls by then on the forefront of advocating for  Girl Child education and Zero tolerance to FGM/C which was the theme during outreaches to communities. She became an example of a girl who had reached university level un circumcised.This was a very great impact in changing the minds of young girls who saw FGM/C as the only option to succeed in getting married and enjoying respect from the community.

Asha also volunteered with FIDA UG-Kapchorwa office where they mediated cases of domestic violence and training of communities on realizing the rights of all including children. Asha is an approachable person, open to learning, friendly and ready to work with communities for better, happier and healthier relationships.

Sabila is the assistant program officer (local activism) for Kween district. He is responsible for the activities CEDOVIP carries out in Kween district,
including but not limited to training, follow up and monitoring of community activists, drama groups, opinion leaders, local leaders, police officers and
other stakeholders to get them talking about VAWG, human rights, FGM and POWER. Sabila is an all-rounder who takes initiative to complete his tasks and a natural activist who loves to initiate and sustain debate, especially on issues around fairness in relationships. Before joining CEDOVIP, Sabila worked at Vision Group as a sub-editor (copy-editor), editing and designing New Vision, Saturday Vision, Sunday
Vision and TOTO children's magazine. Sabila is heavily inclined to communications, education and training. He hold a Bachelors of Arts in Education, specializing in English language and Literature in English from Kyambogo University in Kampala. Sabila is also passionate about charity work, having also previously worked with Children of Hope, a charity organization in neighboring  Kenya. He also loves working in multi-cultural surroundings with interest in languages, aesthetics, literature and sports.

Yvette Alal is a Senior Program Officer for the Institutional Strengthening Program, holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management from Uganda Management Institute and a Bachelor's degree in Adult and Community Education from Makerere University. She also holds a certificate in Voluntary Testing and Counseling in HIV/AIDS from the Institute of Advanced Leadership. Yvette has 9 years of experience mobilizing communities to address human rights challenges, with a focus on preventing domestic violence.

She directly works with the Uganda Police Force and the health sector to strengthen institutional responses to VAW cases reported in Kampala, Yvette has mentored a team of police officers and healthcare workers who are playing a significant role in responding to VAW. Yvette believes that if everyone chooses to have violence-free home, then we will all have violence-free communities and violence-free countries. Yvette is known as a calm person, thoughtful and ready to address people's stress and needs by taking a few moments to listen.

Tina is the Executive Director, holds an MA in Sociology from Makerere University. Under her guidance, CEDOVIP won the 2010 UNAIDS Red Ribbon Award for innovative work in preventing violence against women and HIV and also successfully piloted the SASA! Programing in Kampala that was the site of the ground breaking SASA! study that brought to light evidence that preventing violence against women through social norm change is possible.

Tina has several years of experience working with communities, police, civil society and policy makers to prevent VAW. She oversees CEDOVIP's violence against women prevention work. She coordinated the development of the Uganda Police Force handbook and the training manual in order to diversify the constituent base. Tina helped draft and successfully campaigned for passage of the Domestic Violence Act, and the Kawempe Domestic Violence Bylaw.
Tina's positive thinking brings a sense of gratitude and optimism to the CEDOVIP team. This has made her the "CEDOVIP mentor" who wants to see everyone succeed in their job and role.

Paul Bbuzibwa interned with CEDOVIP for a year before becoming the Program Officer for Local Activism. Paul holds a BA degree in Social Sciences and certificates in Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Counseling from Makerere University, and a certificate in Human Rights from Youth for Human Rights International. He works directly with community activists to spearhead grassroots efforts in preventing VAW.

Paul is an all round person, who is devoted to learning new things. His greatest strengthen is inspiring men, women and youth to become activists to prevent violence against women. Paul is pursuing a Master's degree in Social Sector Planning and Management. Before joining CEDOVIP, Paul worked as a Counselor in Kalisizo Hospital and as a Community Development Officer Intern in Rakai district. Paul aspires to influence communities to treat men, women, girls and boys as equals.